Dr. Mohler cares about his patients

All of us at Dr. Chris Mohler’s office have been empathetically watching the events as they evolve in regards to COVID-19.

Standard universal precautions help protect every patient and Dr. Mohler’s team members from the many infectious diseases that we are potentially exposed to on a daily basis.

After every patient interaction we wipe down every countertop and chair with a very powerful medical grade disinfectant, and every instrument is sterilized under severe heat and pressure. This occurs EVERY time you have an appointment with us.

That said, we will be raising the standard of care beyond our typical protocol to include wiping down doorknobs, countertops, chairs, etc. in the non clinical areas as well. In the following short video Dr. Mohler details the additional protocols he has put in place to keep you and his staff safe.

In our office where handshakes and hugs are a normal part of the every day, we will be adhering to elbow bumps, waves, or best of all a great smile!

Also, if you are not comfortable being seated in the reception area while you wait for your appointment please feel free to wait in you car. Give us a call when you arrive and we will happily let you know when you can start your appointment.

Instituting these higher standards will help aid in the health and safety for you and our team. Please do reschedule your appointment if you have a cough, fever, or chills.

We hope this helps clarify how your interaction will be with our team. Our prayer is that this will pass quickly without much impact to our community or country and we can enjoy our life in the Lowcountry.

As always, we are honored to be your healthcare partner and care about each of you.

Warmest regards,

Chris Mohler and Team

Gum Disease and COVID-19

A new study suggests a link between gum disease and respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients. If you have been diagnosed with bleeding gums that may be red and puffy NOW is the time to take the condition seriously. We are here to help you get healthy!

– Chris Mohler and staff

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